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Simply Cats News

  • New Name, New Shelter, New Website, New Energy, Cheap lingerie!
  • Josie – A Home for the Holidays
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  • The Vanny Chronicles: Wise Men Don’t Give Cats as Gifts
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New Name, New Shelter, New Website, New Energy !

Positive change is in the air for the Just Strays Animal Foundation. Our new name, “Simply Cats,” took effect in late October, and better reflects our mission of finding loving and forever homes for unwanted and abused cats and implementing programs to reduce feline overpopulation.

Our hopes for a permanent home are soon to be realized! A one-acre parcel in the Victory Business Park, between Cole and Maple Grove, was donated in August of this year.

The architects at BRS Architects have been busy at work on the new facility shown below. We expect to break ground in January, with a target move-in date of late summer 2006.


The 8000 square foot facility will have 10 cat rooms, housing a maximum of six cats per room, allowing us to provide temporary homes for a greater number of felines. Each room will also have its own solarium, allowing the residents to get fresh air and sunshine whenever they choose.

The exam and surgery suites will not only allow us to have our own spay/neuter clinic, but will provide the space for examinations of the felines entrusted to us. Plans also include an education room and a boarding facility, “The Inn at Vanny’s Place”.

All of this new energy is strengthening our ability to provide for our feline friends, and we expect the year 2006 to be our biggest and best ever!


The Vanny Chronicles: Wise Men Don’t Give Cats as Gifts

At this time of year, many want to give a cat or kitten as a gift. But the bottom line is, animals given as presents often end up unwanted and discarded at the local shelter.

Young children (and some adults) are not capable of caring for a cat, and may not even care to have a full-time cat in their lives. Consider bringing your kids (or your friends) to the shelter once a month to volunteer with cat care so they can learn what caring for a cat is all about.

Think about the responsibilities and costs that will be imposed on the new caretaker (which might end up being you): food, cat hair, vet visits, hairballs, kitty litter, etc. –- and it could last up to 20 years! If you are not committed to the companionship, these things will drive you nuts.

The best home for a cat is with people who have made the educated choice to add a companion to their family. Each cat deserves to have physical comfort, toys, food and water, more toys, regular social interaction, even more toys, and medical care to live a healthy and happy life.

So be wise when thinking about adoption. It’s a lifelong commitment.

Ask Dr. Moses

Q: Dr. Moses, my cats love this time of year, with the Christmas Tree and all the pretty decorations, not to mention the wonderful plants. But how do I keep these curious cats safe?

A: According to my research, there are a number of simple considerations that will minimize risks to my fellow felines this holiday season. I’ll keep it brief.

  • Keep your tree water covered – the pine sap is dangerous if ingested.
  • Remove all extra tinsel, ribbon, and ornament hooks once you’re done decorating. The shiny and dangly objects may attract your cats attention, but will lead to sickness and potential surgery if ingested. Place your tree so that kitty cannot reach the tinsel and other decorations.
  • Consider decorating the bottom third of the tree with wood or plastic ornaments that won’t break and can’t be eaten.
  • Keep all gifts that contain human food out of smell range — some can be dangerous for cats, especially food containing chocolate, alcohol, raisins, and onions.
  • Holiday plants such as poinsettias, mistletoe, and holly can be toxic, so place them carefully or consider attractive artificial alternatives.

Josie—A Home for the Holidays

Josie’s story may start out sad, but it has a very happy ending.

When volunteers Lee and Karla Allen opened a box left at the shelter, out raced Josie. They had to throw a towel over her just to get her to stop tearing around the walls.

Once caught and placed in a holding kennel, she greeted every human who approached with flattened ears and a lot of distain. However, her hiss was worse than her bite, and soon she was letting everyone pet her, though only for a short while.

Over the course of six months, volunteers Bob and Vicki Ransom made Josie their special project, and at the end of that time, Josie had become one of the most sweet and loving cats to be at the shelter.

The day had come for Josie to go up for adoption, and what a triumphant day that was! She got along well with all the other cats and greeted everyone who came in. But it was obvious she was looking for her special companions.

On September 24th, that day came. Reid and Cyndi, came in “just to look,” having recently lost their own cat to old age. They weren’t even sure if they were ready for another cat quite so soon. But Josie poured on her own special feline charm, and Reid & Cyndi couldn’t resist. They adopted her that very day, and now she’s got her own home for the holidays!


Celebrations & Memorials 

The following gifts were made to Simply Cats to celebrate the lives and memories of friends, both human and animal:

  • Elsa Anchustegui, in memory of Katrina’s abandoned cats
  • Boise VA Regional Office, in memory of Alyson Lansberry Billings
  • Joan Butler, in memory of Toby
  • Center of Peace, in memory of Judie McReynolds
  • Jon DeForrest & Bob Lusk, in memory of Judie McReynolds
  • Jon DeForrest & Bob Lusk, in memory of Boots & George
  • Mike & Mary Jane Ford, in memory of Alyson Lansberry Billings
  • The Dorothy Olowach Trust, in memory of Dorothy Olowach
  • The Staff of the Idaho State Library, in memory of Dorothy Pitchford

We apologize to anyone whose gift we may have omitted. Please call the shelter at 343-7177 and we will make sure that you are acknowledged in our next newsletter.


Would you like to do something for the shelter, but don’t have any extra hours in the day to give? Consider sponsoring a Simply Cats’ cat.

You can sponsor a cat for six months for $75, or a year for $150. In return for your sponsorship, you will receive a photo and biographical information of your cat. If your cat is adopted during your sponsorship, you will be given the opportunity to pick another cat for the remainder of your sponsorship.

Thanks to the following for their generous support:

  • Karla & Lee Allen, Michael
  • Claire Frost, Winston
  • Douglas Garton, Dovey
  • Ashley Martin, Heidi
  • Ashley Martin, Maximus
  • Ashley Martin, Michael
  • Warren & Bernie McCain, Spike
  • Amber Myrick, Lovey
  • Carolyn Palmer, Patches
  • Jonathan Shaw, Clairice
  • Amy J. Sullivan, Heidi
  • Amy J. Sullivan, Henrietta
  • Bonnie Whitesides, Callie


Dear Santa,

We’ve been very good all year, so please bring us whatever you can from our wish list.

  • Scoopable and clay cat litter
  • Yesterdays News litter for Sala & Holly
  • New digital camera
  • Canned cat food, loaf or dinner style
  • Cat toys
  • New H-P 4 in 1 printer
  • Paper towels
  • Stamps
  • Fluffy beds
  • Single cat condos
  • New phone with multiple handsets (without answering machine)

Lots of love to you & Mrs. Claus, and all the elves and reindeer from the felines of Simply Cats at USSW!